Rush Bowls updates build-your-own efforts to cater to younger diners 

Rush Bowls is featured in QSR Magazine on our efforts towards allowing diners to customize menu items. There is high demand among younger diners for customization that serves a need for a build-your-own platform. Speed has always been key in the fast casual industry, but customization is moving up the ranks.

“The reason is Gen Y, the millennials. Every restaurant, especially in quick service, is moving to attract this group. Millennials love customization. They don’t want the same old thing, but would rather do their own thing.” – Bill Guilfoyle, associate professor of business management at the Culinary Institute of America

Rush Bowls offers customization in order to cater to guests’ tastes and dietary needs. Andrew Pudalov, CEO and Founder, knows that consumers like to “fine-tune” their Rush Bowls to their own liking and has done an exceptional job fulfilling those demands.

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