Rush Bowls was in no rush to start franchising 

The big question for successful and popular businesses is: to franchise or not to franchise? Andrew Pudalov, Founder and CEO, is featured in QSR Web and has been operating Rush Bowls for the past twelve years. For those twelve years, he decided franchising was not the right thing to do at the time. Once Pudalov met with Buddy Brown, a restaurant entrepreneur and franchise owner, his mind changed and his view on franchising shifted dramatically. Brown discovered Rush Bowls and saw great potential in the brand and the concept. 

“I was extremely impressed with Buddy’s experience and accomplishments. He has been a successful operator of over 300 stores and is the 27th largest franchisee of any food concept in the U.S. In addition, Buddy and his wife Lisa are incredibly hard working, extremely professional, caring, and charitable. After many discussions with them, I knew they were the perfect partners for Rush Bowls.” – Pudalov 

Pudalov has always strongly believed in providing healthy, all-natural, and high-quality food with great customer service. Rush Bowls constantly strives to innovate and improve on their recipes. The market of healthy eating is growing and this is the perfect time for Rush Bowls to take on this venture. Brown believes that franchising is the smartest move for Rush Bowls and his goal is to help connect Rush Bowls with the right people in the right markets and guide their efforts so that their new locations succeed. 

“Even as a restaurant entrepreneur with one location, Pudalov approached things with a much larger mindset – launching a wholesale line, engaging people on a national scale, and taking a scalable approach to Rush Bowl’s operations. Andrew set the stage for things to move to the next level, and I knew with the right guidance, resources, and proper team in place, we could move the dial quickly. We’re already seeing a level of excitement that is surpassing our initial expectations.” – Brown 

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