The acai bowl is a breakfast for champions 

At this year’s olympics, many athletes fell in love with the Brazilian breakfast in Rio de Janeiro. The acai bowl is a meal that food lovers are always craving. Acai, which grows on Palm Trees in the Amazon, is a stone fruit and is the size a small blueberry consisting of hard seeds surrounded by a lime-green layer of omega-rich fats. Not served at its whole state, the acai fruit is soaked and separated from its seeds then is processed to a frozen pulp. In Rio, the acai fruit it typically blended with Guarana to sweeten it up and made into an acai bowl. 

Alex Morgan, US women’s soccer forward, David Boudia, a diver, and Caroline Buchanan, Australiam BMX cyclist, have all broadcast their love for the acai bowl. US women’s soccer coach joked around that the team chowed down on at least 20 bowls before taking the win against France. 

“It’s a big part of our diet here.” – Morgan

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