Amateur travelers come back home to Colorado to fulfill their craving 

Two colorado born English teachers who quit their jobs in Colorado in September 2015 and moved to Madrid, Spain have been living abroad teaching english, learning Spanish, and traveling throughout all of Europe. Shannon and Danny started their own blog page called We are the Everetts. They blog about their adventures and their experiences as they travel around the world dodging boring desk jobs.

This summer in July, the two made their way back home to beautiful Colorado for a family camping trip with their parents. They made camp in the mountains about 20 minutes outside of Estes Park. They had a great time driving up into Rocky Mountain National Park and visited Bear Lake and Emerald Lake. They also got to take a gander at the Scandinavian Festival that was going on in Estes Park.

On their way home from their trip, the two lovebirds made sure to stop in Boulder to hike in Chautauqua and have lunch at Rush Bowls. Danny and Shannon swear that Rush Bowls’ acai bowls are perfect for a hot day when in search of something cool. They always try to make their own version at home, but they do not add up to Rush Bowls’ delicious concoctions. If Shannon and Danny recommend and crave Rush Bowls after traveling the globe, then you know they have to be delicious. Make sure to come by and see for yourself!

“Hands down best thing I’ve had since being back in America.” 

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