Millennials are more food and health conscious than other generations have been.

When it comes to looking for food, millennials are looking for good prices, good quality, and healthy ingredients. Millennials are dubbed the “foodie generation” where individuals consider themselves food enthusiasts. They are much more selective about the food they buy and are more willing to spend more money on good quality food that has healthy ingredients and packed with nutrition.

Millennials tend to live by the “you only live once” attitude and prefer to explore and experience food that allows you to maintain good health. Millennial consumers are expected to spend $200 billion annually by 2017, so understanding and conforming to this trend is important for the food industry. 

“Millennials are more conscious of food and health than other generations have been. They have a great desire to for whole, non- or minimally- processed foods, which means they focus more on shopping the perimeter of the grocery store, including the produce aisle.” – Victoria Nuevo-Celeste, Vice President of marketing for Sun Pacific

While millennials are picking more healthy options, knowing more information about their food is on the rise. Not only do they want to eat healthy foods, they want to know where the food is grown and packaged, what the ingredients are and where they come from, and if the companies involved are socially responsible and ethical. Taking in this information about millennials is crucial for businesses to win over this large and powerful demographic. 

“They’re more conscious about, experimental with, and invested in their food than their parents.” – CarrieAnn Arias, Vice President of marketing for Dole Fresh Vegetables

This is where Rush Bowls comes in! Rush Bowls starts out with the finest all-natural fruit blended with nutrients, protein, juice or milk, and an assortment of wholesome ingredients. It is a complete meal-in-a-bowl designed to fuel your hunger and fuel your life. Our goal is to create delicious, wholesome, all-natural food that makes you forget you’re eating something good for you. Rush Bowls nutritious meals and snacks directly target millennials and offers a healthy, fast casual option to accommodate their busy lifestyles with honest ingredients. Beyond the commitment to health, Rush Bowls supports great organizations to better the lives in neighborhoods of need.

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