Create a business that surprises, delights, and helps keep your community healthy

Rush Bowls, featured on Franchise Gator, operates in a TRILLION dollar industry that is growing like no other. Not only are Rush Bowls personally fulfilling, the business opportunity is also highly rewarding financially.

Rush Bowls attracts people who are interested in eating all-natural, healthy food on the go. This is a massive market that continues to grow rapidly with sales of healthy and all-natural food anticipated to reach $1 trillion by 2017.

With unlimited growth potential, Rush Bowls offers very flexible store requirements, operates in almost all types of locations where millennials or young professionals exist, and is a perfect complement to businesses such as gyms, coffee shops, and health food stores. The earnings potential with the Rush Bowls business model is incredibly strong due to the uniqueness and loyalty for our product, the low-cost buildout costs, and the rapidly growing market.

Rush Bowls is looking for potential franchise owners who have a solid background in restaurant management and who are passionate about service in fast dining. If you think you are the ideal candidate to become a Rush Bowls franchise owner, click here.

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