Fast-casual concept has signed six development agreements for 19 new restaurants.

Rush Bowls is quickly growing, to say the least. With 19 new franchisees and six main areas of development, the franchise is looking for continued expansion over the next few years.

Rush Bowls looked to franchise in 2016 and has used its fresh and healthy ingredients to gain in rapid popularity. What other competitors lack is the high protein and vitamin ingredients with organic oats and honey that are incorporated into the infamous Rush Bowls. Rush Bowls Founder and CEO, Andrew Pudalov, is has proven the bowls a success and is overjoyed.

“It’s an exciting time for Rush Bowls as we continue to develop our brand both nationally and locally. We’re incredibly proud of the recognition and following we’ve garnered in our own backyard of Boulder over the past 13 years. Now, with a strong leadership team and a growing group of franchisees, we’re ready to receive the same recognition nationally.” – Rush Bowls founder Andrew Pudalov.

New Rush Bowls locations can soon be found  in Tennessee, Oregon, Arizona, California, Missouri, and their home state of Colorado. In the next three years, look to find 9 new restaurants on the front range and Denver area.

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