Rush Bowls is featured in the Denverite! 

Rush Bowls has recently just opened its new store in Denver’s bustling and popular LoHi neighborhood. Though the bowls are all made of fat-free frozen yogurt, Rush Bowls does not want to be known as a yogurt company in the big city. Rush Bowls is not part of the frozen yogurt fad that had taken over the U.S. a few years ago. We are much more than that! 

There are yogurt companies out there, such as TCBY, who hold similar ideas and creations to compliment yogurt dishes to make it more than just a breakfast, snack, or dessert, but no one takes the approach like Rush Bowls. Rush Bowls incorporates a lot more ingredients than the traditional frozen yogurt company. On the other hand, there are multiple acai bowl companies out there serving similar dishes as well, but they do not have the variety of different bowls that Rush Bowls offers to their customers. Most importantly, Rush Bowls also caters to anyone who has any specific dietary restrictions. 

“Yogurt might be an ingredient in our bowls, but we’re really about nutrition. Our product is a meal replacement for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.” 

The fact that Rush Bowls sets itself apart from many other health-oriented companies, Pudalov has partnered with Buddy Brown to launch a franchise that will rapidly grow throughout the state of Colorado and eventually the nation. The two of them are looking to open ten locations throughout the Denver area in the next few years. 

” The people are looking for healthy, clean nutrition that tastes awesome.”

If you live in the Denver area, make sure to check out our new Rush Bowls location at 1665 Central St. near The Ale House at Amato’s! See why there is such a hype in Boulder about our delicious bowls! 

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