Andrew Pudalov, Founder and CEO, and Arielle Gold, Olympic and X-games snowboarder, share their favorite recipes from Rush Bowls 

Rush Bowls has finally brought their yummy, nutritious bowls to Denver at 1665 Central St. in the LoHi neighborhood. Fox 31 Denver features Rush Bowls on their treat that offers all of the sweet, plus big time nutrition. Arielle Gold thinks so highly of Rush Bowls that she actually works at Rush Bowls and is an ambassador for them. She recommends Rush Bowls to anyone who wants a healthy, but delicious treat or meal. 

Andrew Pudalov talks about the history of Rush Bowls and introduces some of the recipes. One of the recipes he introduces is their best seller: the acai bowl. Acai has six times more antioxidants than a blueberry and it’s a superfood. Blended with mango and bananas, the acai bowl is then topped with hemp granola and honey. Pudalov and Gold’s favorite bowl is the peanut butter and jelly bowl, which provides a great amount of protein to your diet. 

Arielle Gold, who will soon be heading to New Zealand for training, admits that as a professional athlete, nutrition is very important to her and to have something like Rush Bowls is essential. Rush Bowls gives her the nutrition she needs to fuel her trainings for the day, whatever it may be. Rush Bowls can be a pre or post workout meal. 

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