Rush Bowls is making its way towards bigger and better things…

Boulder’s Rush Bowls is featured in DailyCamera.com announcing their expansion to Denver and launching their franchise. It seems everyone is intrigued by the fact that Andrew Pudalov picked up and moved to Boulder, CO from the big apple, New York City. He made a drastic change in his environment, his lifestyle, and his nutrition. What people may not know is that “Rush Bowls” was not the initial name and it also started only as a juice shop. Being at the same location on the Hill at 1207 13th St., Rush Bowls was originally called “Xoom”. 

After realizing that fruit and granola bowls were the answer to the future, he quickly changed the name and the concept of his business. He renamed Xoom to Rush Bowls and since then, each year is busier than the last. Now moving onto bigger and better things, Rush Bowls is expanding outside of the Boulder bubble! Last week, a second Rush Bowls location opened up in Denver at 1665 Central St. and 5 to 10 more locations are planning to open in the next three years. 

Not only expanding, but Rush Bowls has launched a franchising model with hopes of opening 20 locations within a year. It being the norm to target millennials and younger generations, this expansion and franchise model is now targeting an older demographic. 

“We’re focusing on areas that have a strong presence of working professionals in their 20’s and 30’s. The key for the new location is being part of a vibrant community of health-minded people who lead active lifestyles.”

Business professionals looking into investing in the Rush Bowls franchise typically come from warm weather states like California, Texas, and Florida, but more northern areas such as New York and Toronto are jumping in line as well! With fruit and granola bowls strikingly rising in popularity, smoothie bowls can be found in millions of articles on the web. Google searches for smoothie bowls have significantly increased, reaching a peak this June. 

Some may compare Andrew Pudalov to Michael Burry in suspecting the growth in fruit and granola bowls. The world is finally catching up. 

“We’ve been here for 12 years for a reason. People were ignoring college kids, assuming they didn’t care about eating healthy. That was a miscalculation. I’m definitely not as rich, but this is my calling.”

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